Africa Internship Academy is not an academic institution!

We bumped into Joseph Zotoo, an entrepreneur, geospatial analyst, and  writer. He was part of the first cohort of Africa Internship Academy and now a proud fellow. He shared the following with us:

Why I got into Africa Internship Academy

When I last had to decide what to try to do with my life, I decided to follow my passion and pursue it to the latter. Entrepreneurship is my passion and I started this journey after senior high school with an attempt to establish a publishing firm, which lasted a couple of months. Being realistic, entrepreneurship is a pretty volatile career path to choose, so I wanted to have something steady yet enjoyable on the side. Since I studied Geography in the university, I realized that jobs within this field are hard to come by in this part of the world. This pushed me to learn what models work in the corporate world, so that I could balance my entrepreneurial drive with a rich experience from various multinational corporations. My quest for this knowledge led me to Africa Internship Academy.

What I learned

For me, I had a bit of a head-start, I have started a couple of businesses, some have failed, and others are doing quite well, so my experience won’t be the same as everyone elses. At Africa Internship Academy I learned about personal development, personal branding, and the whole process of setting up a co-working space and keeping a professional work culture as a team player in the corporate environment – that was all completely new. I had guided practice, help instantly available whenever I needed it, extra resources to help me move forward when I got stuck, and a mentor to explain to me why we do things a certain way.

Where I am now

Now, apart from my mid-sized startups that keep growing, I was connected with multinational corporations such as Ecobank, Media General, etc. by Africa Internship Academy and the experience gained has been rewarding. I have been able to set up a co-working space and created the work culture that allow startups in my work space to learn and pursue professionalism in the delivery of their various services.

Moving forward, I quote in the words of a fellow entrepreneur, “I’ll keep learning and developing, and there’s no definitive “finish line” for me, but I’m really confident now in the foundations and excited to keep building!” – Kelly Mulvihill, freelance designer.

My advice to others

Africa Internship Academy is not an academic institution. It is a co-working space where you are taken through the actual performance of everything you need to know about the corporate environment. I implore students, job seekers and entrepreneurs to go through AIA to gain the formal experience required to thrive in today’s corporate world.


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